Scheme Design

We have carefully considered the wider context and character of the local area when designing our proposals for Thames Side Wharf.

Across the local area, brick and masonry use is prevalent, in particular white bricks and rich detail, in an Art Deco style. The architectural approach has been to incorporate clear references to other successful buildings in Kingston Town Centre, while delivering a contemporary, forward thinking design. The proposed materials are predominantly light brick, with metal and concrete detailing to provide further articulation and interest.

At the same time, we have sought to find a balance between optimizing the mix of uses on the site due its accessibility and adhering to the principles and opportunities set out in the Kingston Local Plan. This allows for a design solution sensitive to site’s proximity to neighbouring residential properties and local heritage assets.

It is noted that the previous permission for the site included buildings rising to 11 storeys and with no affordable housing. This permission was not implemented for viability reasons. For redevelopment to take place, including the delivery of 35% affordable housing and new public realm, a tall building on the site is therefore necessary.

River Elevation

Vicarage Road Elevation

The Wharf

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