A New Riverside Destination

The redevelopment of the site offers a unique opportunity to provide new public realm along the Thames, increasing health and wellbeing in the local area and providing a better experience for residents and visitors.

The activation of this part of the riverside will help to complete the link between Canbury Gardens to the north of the site, and the array of bars, restaurants and cafes to the south.

The space will encourage pedestrian movement along the water’s edge, inviting those using the area to make full use of the space along the river.

It will also be landscaped with new trees and planters, offering much needed greening to the area, which is heavily built up. This new greening, along with new benches for public use, will encourage people to use this space to sit and relax. There also is an opportunity to include play space for younger children within the scheme.

Contributing to the new creative quarter

This part of Kingston Town Centre comprises predominantly parking and service entrances. It is therefore less animated and populated compared to the rest of Kingston and lacks a destination. We have therefore looked at the potential wider role of Thames Side Wharf in transforming this “forgotten” quarter. This is shown on this masterplan, which has been informed by Kingston’s Canbury Gardens masterplan and the Reimagining Kingston Town Centre’s Streets and Spaces Strategy.

The proposals will include new commercial space at ground floor. This space will be allocated as Class E. Class E is a flexible, catchall use class that can be used for a variety of spaces, including:

  • Retail
  • Fitness
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Office/workspace

We are designing this to be a flexible creative space to contribute to the new Creative Quarter envisaged by the Council for this part of Kingston.

However, we would be interested to hear your views about what you would like to see delivered. The space is flexible with a variety of potential uses, and we want to work with the local community to identify the local needs and priorities for space in this key riverside location.



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